white ranch

Chico Photo Booth Rental - TreBooth at Brad&Courtnie's White Ranch Wedding

Guests at last night's wedding were going crazy for the open air photo booth. The White Ranch is one of our favorite venues and we love every chance we get to head back there for a wedding celebration. Brad&Courtnie went with our Simply Grey backdrop which paired well with their color scheme. The weather was great and the event went off without a hitch, it was just a perfect night! Congrats Brad&Courtnie! Enjoy some favorites from the photo booth action below. To download your own photos from the event, see the full gallery by heading to this link!

Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0001.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0002.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0003.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0004.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0005.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0006.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0007.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0008.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0009.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0010.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0012.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0010.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0011.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0013.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0014.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0015.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0016.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0018.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0019.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0020.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0021.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0017.jpg

Congrats you two!!! Here's to happily ever after!