Greg and Kristin's Wedding // Highlands Ranch Resort Photo Booth Rental

Greg and Kristin celebrated their love together with family and friends in a beautiful setting near Lassen Park at Highlands Ranch Resort. ChicoBooth was there to remember the night in style. Plenty of fun was had with the photo booth. Here are some of our favorite picks.

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Chico CA Photo Booth Rental - Steven & Andie's Patrick Ranch Wedding

Steven and Andie's wedding at Patrick Ranch in Chico, CA was definitely one for the books! TréBooth was located between the bar and dance floor, so it was busy all night long. Guests made excellent use of the props - especially a few of the masks! Enjoy some of our favorites from this memory-filled evening!

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Chico CA Photo Booth Rental - Peter&Kayla's Butte Creek Country Club Wedding

Peter&Kayla and their guests LOVED the photo booth. They all had a blast hopping in and grabbing fun photos to remember the night! Their wedding was held at Butte Creek Country Club and they had the TreBooth located right by the DJ and dance floor which was a great spot to get the action going! Here's some favorites from their event!

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Photo Booth Rentals in Chico - The Schumacher Wedding

SO much fun was had at this wedding! It was a rainy day but that didn't stop the TréBooth. Our booth isn't weather proof, but luckily this venue had a covered area where the booth and guests could be without getting wet. Guests loved taking a break from the dance floor for some souvenir prints from the photo booth. Our booth prints out archival-quality 4x6 prints that each guest gets to take home. It will take three photos and then print them out together with a custom designed logo matching the event. Guests love this aspect of the photo booth rental. They get something physical and fun that they can take home to remember how much FUN they had that night celebrating the event!

Stephen Diaz Favorites-0001.jpg
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TJ Farms Wedding Photo Booth - Greg&Lauren's TréBooth Shenanigans

Greg&Lauren know how to have a good time and their wedding party totally reflected that! Guests were having fun non-stop throughout the night bouncing between the dance floor, the bar and the photo booth! They went with the timeless sequins silver backdrop which really shined bright when the studio flash fires! To compliment their color palette, we designed a print layout in navy and blush to match their theme.  People had a blast jumping in the photo booth and grabbing photos with friends and family. See some of our favorites below and if you were a guest at this wedding and looking for your own photo, See the FULL gallery of photos here!