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Chico CA Photo Booth Rental - Steven & Andie's Patrick Ranch Wedding

Steven and Andie's wedding at Patrick Ranch in Chico, CA was definitely one for the books! TréBooth was located between the bar and dance floor, so it was busy all night long. Guests made excellent use of the props - especially a few of the masks! Enjoy some of our favorites from this memory-filled evening!

To view the full gallery and download images, please visit this link.

Gabe Prusa Favorites-0002.jpg
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Chico Photo Booth Rental - TreBooth at Brad&Courtnie's White Ranch Wedding

Guests at last night's wedding were going crazy for the open air photo booth. The White Ranch is one of our favorite venues and we love every chance we get to head back there for a wedding celebration. Brad&Courtnie went with our Simply Grey backdrop which paired well with their color scheme. The weather was great and the event went off without a hitch, it was just a perfect night! Congrats Brad&Courtnie! Enjoy some favorites from the photo booth action below. To download your own photos from the event, see the full gallery by heading to this link!

Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0001.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0002.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0003.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0004.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0005.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0006.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0007.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0008.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0009.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0010.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0012.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0010.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0011.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0013.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0014.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0015.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0016.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0018.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0019.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0020.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0021.jpg
Chelsey Diaz Favorites-0017.jpg

Congrats you two!!! Here's to happily ever after!


Chico, CA Photo Booth Rental - Tuscan Ridge Chico DOUBLE Wedding

Double wedding = DOUBLE the fun! You heard that right, a double wedding! Two couples, getting married at the same time on the same date! It takes very special friends to pull this off, and these four fit the bill! Having the photo booth at their wedding was a blast and all the guests loved hopping back and forth between the photo booth and the dance floor during the reception. Tuscan Ridge has a great little area on the side of the clubhouse where the photo booth fits just perfectly. Enjoy some of our favorites from the photo booth shenanigans that went down during this Chico wedding yesterday!


If you were one of the lucky guests at this double wedding, be sure to share your own photos from the full gallery link here


Photo Booth for Chico Area Weddings - Saejin&Suzy Highlights

Saejin&Suzy know how to throw a party! From the Chicago area, they traveled out to Willows to have an epic backyard wedding at Suzy's sister's house. There were custom handmade DIY decorations everywhere and the backyard was laid out just perfectly! The TréBooth fit in just right with our new peach and white "Mother Nature" backdrop from Drop It Modern. Guests loved having the photo booth rental at the reception as it gave them another activity to participate in besides dancing. People would dance it up, then head over to the booth for a quick photo and print souvenir to take home, then back to the dance floor. Chris from The Wedding DJ  made sure guests were having a night to remember with awesome tunes and making sure they knew when it was "last call" for the photo booth! All and all, the TréBooth was a hit! People loved the open air style booth and everyone left with prints to take home and big smiles on their faces. Make sure to stick around until the end of the post for a link to the full photo gallery from the night!


If you were a guest at this awesome event and would like to see the FULL gallery, head over to: for all the photos, free to download!!

Proper Steps to Take in Preparation for a TréBooth Event

The TréBooth is a one of a kind addition to any party, event or wedding! The set up is super simple and all handled by a TréBooth attendant who will be there the entire event to help guests interact with the photo booth. Set up generally takes 30 minutes to one hour in length, don't worry though, this time is not billed and will happen before the scheduled booth start time. To ensure that the TréBooth has the easiest time being setup, make sure to check off the following:

1. SPACE - Make sure to leave as much space as possible for the photo booth to be setup. With the open-air design of the TréBooth, it requires a little more space than the traditional inclosed photo booth setup. More space means more people can fit in each photo which means MORE fun. We recommend to have at least a 9 ft. x 9 ft’. square blocked off for TréBooth, if there's more space, we can extend the backdrop to up to 12ft to really get some awesome huge group shots!

2. LEVEL GROUND - Level ground is crucial to ensuring the TréBooth is safe and not going to be knocked over. This is for the safety of the equipment but more importantly your guests. If outdoors, level cement is preferred. The TréBooth cannot stand on gravel or dirt.

3. HIGH CEILINGS - To make sure the backdrop is as tall as possible, high ceilings above 8ft work best! This way people can raise their arms, jump around and still be in the photo!

4. POWER - The TréBoot needs 1 dedicated 3-pronged outlet within 20 feet of wherever the booth is. Gotta have power to have fun!

5. *WiFi* - This one is an extra bonus! If you would like the TréBooth's social sharing options to be enabled, WiFi at the venue is a must. With WiFi, guests can instantly share their photo to social media straight from the photo booth or the dedicated iPad sharing station.

6. PROPS - TréBooth provides a bunch of amazing high quality props for every event! However, if you'd like to provide some of your own props, feel free to add them into the mix!