lakeside pavillion

Hula's Chinese Barbecue // Holiday Party 2017

It's become normal to think of Hula's Annual Holiday Party as one of the wildest holiday parties of the year. Also, it seems as if they continue to get even wilder each year! Whatever the case may be, here are some of our favorite moments from this year. Enjoy!

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Chico Holiday Photo Booth Rental - Hulas Chinese Bar-B-Q

If you're from Chico you know this iconic and delicious spot, Hulas! It's one of our favorites! We love Mongolian Style BBQ and Hulas is such a fun place to go! Their employees know how to have a good time and got wild in the photo booth for their annual Holiday Party!

If you were a guest at this holiday party and want to see, download or share your photo booth photos, head to the FULL GALLERY here.

Lakeside Pavillion Photo Booth Rental - Matt&Taylor

Matt&Taylor's wedding was SO fun! They had the ceremony and reception at the beautiful Lakeside Pavillion, one of our favorite wedding venues in town. They opted for the black sequins backdrop which shined bright and attracted guests towards the fun. Lakeside Pavillion has a perfect spot for the photo booth up by the fireplace which really gives the room a good flow between bar, dance floor and photo booth. 

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