Lundberg Family Farms - Harvest Celebration 2017

Once a year, the amazing people at Lundberg Family Farms come together to celebrate their annual Harvest, and this year was no exception. Check out some of the wildest and most memorable moments captured in TrèBooth this year!

To view the full gallery and download images, please visit this link.

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Chico Business Holiday Photo Booth Rental - Lundberg Farms Harvest Celebration 2016

This is the second year our photo booth has had the honor of being apart of the fun Lundberg Farms puts on for their annual Harvest Celebration. If you're in the Agriculture business, you know after Harvest it is truly time to celebrate. Lundberg goes all out for their employees to reward them for their hard work after this busy time of year. They throw a massive party, invite all the families out and it's a good time for all! Having the photo booth there just adds to the fun and guests love hopping in the booth and getting a print to take home to remember the event.

If you were a guest at the Harvest Celebration, see the full gallery here to download and share your own photos!

Photo Booth Photos from Lundberg Family Farms Harvest Celebration 2015 - Chico Photo Booth Rental

Today we had the awesome privilege of bringing our photo booth to the wonderful Lundberg Family Farms for their annual Harvest Celebration. It was such a fun event with a live band, face painting, inflatables, the photo booth and of course delicious food for all! Guests loved hopping in the photo booth to get their souvenir print to take home and remember the event. Here's a couple of our favorites from the fun day today! If you were at the event don't miss the FULL GALLERY of photo here: http://trecreative.pass.us/harvestcelebration2015


For our custom print layout for this event we made sure to include the iconic Lundberg Family Farms logo as well as a Fall-themed border to complement the spirit of the event. It turned out lovely! Thanks to all who jumped in the booth for a photo, you're all awesome!


Once again, if you're here looking for your photo and don't see it, make sure to check out the full gallery link here: http://trecreative.pass.us/harvestcelebration2015