Photo Booth Rental in Chico // Olivarez Honey Bees Holiday Party

Olivarez Honey Bees (OHB) provides quality service to beekeepers and farmers nationwide. Whether you are a commercial beekeeper or a beginning hobbyist, OHB has what you need.
Their annual holiday party was a fun get-together made even more awesome by the photo booth! Employees loved hopping in the booth to grab a photo together and celebrate the year end celebration. They opted for our sequins black backdrop which looked classy and fit perfect with their Holiday Gala theme. If you were a guest at this event, check out the full gallery to download and share your photos here!

Chico California Photo Booth Rental - Valley Oak Veterinary Hospital Holiday Party

Valley Oak Veterinary Hospital had a wonderful holiday celebration for their employees this year! It was a huge success with an awesome DJ, live karaoke, awesome prize raffle, and our open air photo booth, TréBooth! People LOVED the booth and got a big kick out of the animal mask props! They were coming back again and again for more and more photo booth action! Enjoy some of our favorite photos from this holiday party's photo booth.

They had such sweet giveaway prizes, this woman won an iPad!

They had such sweet giveaway prizes, this woman won an iPad!

Shark meets unicorn... hilarity ensues.

Shark meets unicorn... hilarity ensues.

Everyone loves the Instagram photo booth prop!

Everyone loves the Instagram photo booth prop!

Love how many people can fit in these open-air photo booth group shots, there's room for more too!

Love how many people can fit in these open-air photo booth group shots, there's room for more too!

Chico Photo Booth Rental - NEW Go Green Discount Code

This year we've found a lot of our Chico renters just LOVING our digital only photo booth options. Prints are great, but they mostly end up crinkled up in someone's back pocket, only to be thrown away at a later time. This isn't always the case, there's always that guest who will keep the photo booth print pristine until getting home, but these guests tend to be few and far between.

With our new Go Green option, we can set up the TréBooth as normal, but leave the printer at home, saving the environment by saving paper! With the digital-only photo booth option you'll still receive all the social sharing features as normal. Guests will hop in the photo booth, take their hilariously awesome photos, and then be able to instantly share them right then and there to an email address, Facebook or other social media services.

If you're interested in our Go Green option for your upcoming Chico photo booth rental, make sure to enter the discount code "gogreen" at checkout. Entering the "gogreen" code will get you a $100 discount off your package and a high five from TréBooth for doing your part in saving the environment!