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Greg and Kristin's Wedding // Highlands Ranch Resort Photo Booth Rental

Greg and Kristin celebrated their love together with family and friends in a beautiful setting near Lassen Park at Highlands Ranch Resort. ChicoBooth was there to remember the night in style. Plenty of fun was had with the photo booth. Here are some of our favorite picks.

To view all the images visit the gallery here!




Lakeside Pavilion Photo Booth Rental // Kelly & Julian

It's easy to see that Kelly & Julian's wedding was an unforgettable occasion after looking at some of these wild moments captured in TréBooth! This Lakeside Pavilion reception was paired with an equally extravagant Sequins Silver backdrop. Check out the full gallery to view and download images!

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Photo Booth Rentals in Chico, CA - Live Oak High School Prom Photo Booth Rental

Photos at a High School Prom are a MUST! What a better way to get them than through TréBooth, Chico's NEW open air photo booth! The students loved being able to go into the photo booth for as many photos as they like. All of our photo booth rental packages for Chico include unlimited prints which means if the Prom attendees didn't like a particular photo, they could just hop back in and take another! They went with a simple grey backdrop which looked awesome on the custom print layout that we designed for the event (see it below)!

Here's a handful of favorite photos from the TréBooth at the Live Oak Prom event this year!


Live Oak's 2015 Prom was an "Enchanted Forest" theme, so for their print layout we created a custom print that matched the theme and feel of the event!


The TréBooth Experience

If you noticed something new on our homepage, you're right! We have a new promotional video for TréBooth that we're OH so excited about. The old promo film that we had was great, showed off what the TréBooth was, but it really didn't get down to the heart of why we do what we do.

This new film does just that, click below to experience more than just a photo booth rental.

At TréBooth we want to be more than just your typical Chico photo booth rental company. We want to go the extra mile to make sure your event is one to remember forever! We hope the timeless prints that come out of our booth continue to live on. On home walls and refrigerators, framed next to bed stands to be keepsakes for life, reminding us all of the good things in life, the friends and family and love that surrounds all of us.

Thank you for being a part of this adventure we call TréBooth! We hope that you too can experience our booth in person soon!

- The TréBooth Team