Chico CA Photo Booth Rental - Marciano & Araceli's 20th Anniversary

Reaching twenty years of marriage together is no easy feat, and Marciano and Araceli did not hold back on the celebration of their commitment together. TréBooth captured some of the best moments, with friends and and family lining up all evening to have their photos taken! The sequins black background chosen suited this commemorative anniversary. Here are some of the best images from the evening!

To view the full gallery, and to download images, please visit this link. 

Gabe Prusa Favorites-0002.jpg
Gabe Prusa Favorites-0003.jpg
Gabe Prusa Favorites-0004.jpg
Gabe Prusa Favorites-0005.jpg
Gabe Prusa Favorites-0006.jpg
Gabe Prusa Favorites-0007.jpg
Gabe Prusa Favorites-0008.jpg
Gabe Prusa Favorites-0009.jpg
Gabe Prusa Favorites-0010.jpg
Gabe Prusa Favorites-0011.jpg
Gabe Prusa Favorites-0012.jpg
Gabe Prusa Favorites-0013.jpg
Gabe Prusa Favorites-0014.jpg
Gabe Prusa Favorites-0015.jpg
Gabe Prusa Favorites-0016.jpg
Gabe Prusa Favorites-0017.jpg
Gabe Prusa Favorites-0018.jpg
Gabe Prusa Favorites-0019.jpg
Gabe Prusa Favorites-0001.jpg