Chico Photo Booths - TréBooth Photo Booth Rental - Zack&Mary

OH boy, what an amazing night we had with Zack&Mary's wedding photo booth! As soon as the TréBooth was open guests just mobbed it. There was non-stop photo booth action from the start to finish! Guests young and old loved the hilarious prop selection and open air style booth. Here's some of our favorite photo booth shots from this local Chico wedding! Enjoy!

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Look at this majestic creature, he deserved a solo shot!

Stephen Diaz Favorites-0014.jpg

Jodi and the amazing wedding coordination team at CES Weddings & Events even hopped in the booth with the bride Mary for a thuggin' mug shot!

Stephen Diaz Favorites-0015.jpg
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Zack&Mary's print layout :)

Stephen Diaz Favorites-0001.jpg

Stephen Diaz

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