Chico Bridal Show 2016 // Chico Photo Booth Rental

The Chico California bridal show is always a good time! There's tons of free food, giveaways and fun photo booth opportunities. For all the brave souls who jumped in our photo booth to get silly and take a photo, YOU THE REAL MVPS! Here's some favorites below! If you hopped in the booth and want to download and share your photo, head to the full gallery link here.

Chico Run Photo Booth - Summer Sizzler 2016

What better way to end a run than to celebrate with a photo in a photo booth! The Summer Sizzler was a run held in the heat of the summer, luckily it was early in the morning to beat the heat a little bit. After people had completed their 5k or 10k run, they'd stop in the booth, which was sponsored by Titus & Associates, for a celebratory photo! So fun!

To see your photo from this event, click HERE.


The TréBooth Experience

If you noticed something new on our homepage, you're right! We have a new promotional video for TréBooth that we're OH so excited about. The old promo film that we had was great, showed off what the TréBooth was, but it really didn't get down to the heart of why we do what we do.

This new film does just that, click below to experience more than just a photo booth rental.

At TréBooth we want to be more than just your typical Chico photo booth rental company. We want to go the extra mile to make sure your event is one to remember forever! We hope the timeless prints that come out of our booth continue to live on. On home walls and refrigerators, framed next to bed stands to be keepsakes for life, reminding us all of the good things in life, the friends and family and love that surrounds all of us.

Thank you for being a part of this adventure we call TréBooth! We hope that you too can experience our booth in person soon!

- The TréBooth Team

Creative Uses for a Photo Booth - DOGS!

"Human Society of Utah recently put some of their harder-to-adopt dogs into a photo booth to let them “cheese it up” for the camera. The results are hilarious, heartwarming, and most importantly…effective! After they posted some of the photos to their Facebook page, most of these lucky pups got adopted."

This is hilarious! They aren't our photos but we just had to share! We love it when we see people doing creative and awesome things with their photo booths...especially when it involves dogs! 


If you're looking to achieve a look like this with the TréBooth (with or without dogs), ask for our white or light grey backdrops to go along with your open air photo booth rental! Can't go wrong with the solid backdrops, always a good choice! Spread the fun by sharing this post with a fellow dog-lover!

Proper Steps to Take in Preparation for a TréBooth Event

The TréBooth is a one of a kind addition to any party, event or wedding! The set up is super simple and all handled by a TréBooth attendant who will be there the entire event to help guests interact with the photo booth. Set up generally takes 30 minutes to one hour in length, don't worry though, this time is not billed and will happen before the scheduled booth start time. To ensure that the TréBooth has the easiest time being setup, make sure to check off the following:

1. SPACE - Make sure to leave as much space as possible for the photo booth to be setup. With the open-air design of the TréBooth, it requires a little more space than the traditional inclosed photo booth setup. More space means more people can fit in each photo which means MORE fun. We recommend to have at least a 9 ft. x 9 ft’. square blocked off for TréBooth, if there's more space, we can extend the backdrop to up to 12ft to really get some awesome huge group shots!

2. LEVEL GROUND - Level ground is crucial to ensuring the TréBooth is safe and not going to be knocked over. This is for the safety of the equipment but more importantly your guests. If outdoors, level cement is preferred. The TréBooth cannot stand on gravel or dirt.

3. HIGH CEILINGS - To make sure the backdrop is as tall as possible, high ceilings above 8ft work best! This way people can raise their arms, jump around and still be in the photo!

4. POWER - The TréBoot needs 1 dedicated 3-pronged outlet within 20 feet of wherever the booth is. Gotta have power to have fun!

5. *WiFi* - This one is an extra bonus! If you would like the TréBooth's social sharing options to be enabled, WiFi at the venue is a must. With WiFi, guests can instantly share their photo to social media straight from the photo booth or the dedicated iPad sharing station.

6. PROPS - TréBooth provides a bunch of amazing high quality props for every event! However, if you'd like to provide some of your own props, feel free to add them into the mix!